Norfolk Records Office

The Pop Up Proms Project is running in association with the Sound Archive at Norfolk Records Office.

With the permission of the participants, after our concerts, Pop Up Proms' trained reminiscence facilitator, Christina, will be chatting to audience members about the songs we've sung and any memories or associations we've evoked for them about music.

Christina will also be asking her interviewees whereabouts in Norfolk they were born. This isn't because she's being nosy! This is because all our recordings of our audience's memories will be held at the Sound Archive, where they will be listened to closely. Jonathan Draper, Norfolk's sound archivist, will be attempting to trace any differences between and within the Norfolk accents and dialects he hears from our participants, before these traits inevitably disappear from our language altogether. Fascinating stuff.

I am also working with Norfolk Museums Service to find potential for using the recordings as soundscapes for exhibitions within Norfolk's museums. 

All recordings will be available from the NRO for research and education purposes.