Monday, 31 March 2014

Concert Dates May, June and July 2014

This post is information for Pop Up Proms volunteers! It's about dates and details for the five remaining Pop Up Proms this year. I did try to spread the concerts out, but we seem to have ended up with some clusters. 

As always, no problem if you can or can't do certain shows, just as long as you let me know!!

31st May
Overbury House, Wroxham, 2.30pm
Sally, Joan, Christina, Gus (?), Izzy, Martyn, me.

7th June
Mayfields, Long Stratton, 3pm
Caroline, Izzy, Joan, Martyn, Gus, Heather (?),Christina, me.

9th June
Eastlands, Taverham (afternoon time tbc)
Tracy (?), Joan,  Christina, Louise, me .

27th July
Austhorpe House, Forncett St Peter, 2pm
Sally, Heather, Gus, Joan, Izzy, Caroline, Martyn, Christina, me.

29th July
Deaf Association, Norwich, 1.30pm
Martyn, Joan, Tracy, Louise, Christina, me.

Question marks indicate dates where I already know individuals may have slight problems with participating.

PLEASE let me know if I have made any mistakes with what you think you are doing!!

I notice that Austhorpe House on 27th July is well-loaded with performers, but June 9th at Eastlands is struggling a bit- can anybody swap from 27th July to the 9th June?