Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Changed Running Order for Pop Up Proms 19th October

Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, we probably have two fewer performers on Saturday night. Therefore we have a new running order and here it is...

1 Martyn- Oh What A Beautiful Morning
2 Rachel- Cain't Say No
3 Sally - Oom pah pah
4 Martyn- Be My Love
5 Izzy- If I Loved You
6 Joanie- Viva Espana
7 Rachel- Que sera sera
8 Izzy- I Could Have Danced All Night
9 Joanie- Big Spender
10 Izzy- Think of Me
11 Martyn - Matt Monroe Medley
12 Rachel- Oh Mr Porter
13 Rachel- My Old Man Said Follow The Van
14 Joanie- Sempre Libre (or something else classical) 
15 All- Proms Finale: Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, Land of H&G.

By the way, if Cassie and/or Selwyn ARE able to participate on Saturday after all, we'll revert to the previous running order. But assume it's this one unless I tell you any different!

Many, many thanks my lovely flexible friends xx