Monday, 7 October 2013

Pop Up Proms Running Order 19th October.

A hearty good day to you all, and thank you again for volunteering your time and talents for this project. Are you gearing up for some singing to amuse our local elderly folk?! Keep reading...

Here's some useful info for Pop Up Proms on 19th October at Brooklands in Drayton.

Venue: Brooklands Residential Care Home, Costessey Lane, Drayton, Norwich, NR8 6HB.
N.B. We are performing 'in the round' because there is a massive pillar in the centre of the room.

Timings: 'Curtain Up' (although there's no curtain) at 6.30 pm. I'll be there from 5.30pm. Please arrive any time after 5.30- allow whatever time you think you will need to prepare yourself! The concert should end no later than 7.30, because our audience will be tired by then.

Clothing: Please include some element of red, white, and/or blue if possible. Anyone wearing a skirt or dress, please make it below the knee in length please! (Martyn WILL keep putting on his mini skirt: inappropriate...). There's a slim possibility I'll also be wearing some sparkly jewellery. Please feel free to join me.

Backing tracks: Please LABEL your cd with YOUR NAME, your SONG NAME(S) and TRACK NUMBERS so that whoever happens to be pressing 'play' for you has a chance of playing the right track.

Props: Please bring whatever props -if any- that you consider necessary for your own songs. Please also bring any Union Jack flags or hats you may have, to wave/wear during the Proms Section at the end of the  concert. I will provide lyrics on the day for Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and Land of H&G.

Running Order:*
1 Martyn- Be My Love
2 Cassie-  Broadway Baby
3 Sally - Oom pah pah
4 Selwyn- Albert and the Lion
5 Izzy- If I Loved You
6 Joanie- Viva Espana
7 Rachel- Que sera sera
8 Selwyn- The Guinea Pig 
9 Cassie- Madeira
10 Izzy- Think of Me
11 Martyn - Matt Monroe Medley
12 Joanie- Big Spender
13 Rachel- Oh Mr Porter
14 Rachel- My Old Man said Follow The Van
15 All- Proms Finale: Rule Britannia, Jerusalem, Land of H&G.
*This is it unless you hear differently from me!